Ace of Spades Baseball Canada is dedicated to providing quality baseball training programs for youth aged 5 - 15. Our programs are run by carefully selected staff with previous MLB, MiLB and NCAA baseball experience who are dedicated to creating a positive sports experience. Ace of Spades Baseball Canada provides the opportunity for all participants to develop and improve their skills in Baseball with a heavy focus on the fundamentals of the game. Whether you are looking for a sports team or training program for your favourite player, we know you have plenty of choices. What you're really looking for is a growth experience. It's important to understand your child's end goal and to develop their ultimate potential both on and off the diamond. Whether you're grooming a collegiate athlete or your child is just playing for fun - you've come to the right place to bring out their best.


With our experience and unique approach, we provide the traction necessary for young athletes to stay ahead of the pack. We personally work with each player to help them achieve their individual athletic goals. Early on, we identify what each player is capable of with our goal being to help them reach, then exceed, that potential. We know our greatest strength is our staff, who are not only former MLB, MiLB and NCAA players but also youth mentors that offer support, advice, and motivation to keep young players on the right track to achieving their goals. Our training methods model D1 university and professional baseball program's high-intensity position specific training that has been specifically adapted to meet the needs of youth aged 5 - 15. Whether your child is a house league rookie just learning to play the game or elite level player looking to secure a starting role we have a program to help them reach their goals.


Ace of Spades Baseball Canada has a wide choice of programs that are a great complement to any player looking to improve their game.

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